Alcohol Rehab Clinic in Melbourne

If you or someone you love needs to recover from alcohol addiction, you have come to the right place. 

My name is Barbara Kustra and I run Refocus Rehab – a private residential rehab in Melbourne for people struggling with alcohol addiction.

One of the quickest ways many Australians like to to “relax” is by having a beer or a glass of wine at the end of long work day. The problem with this behavior is that it can turn into a powerful addiction. Alcohol addiction not only harms the person struggling with their drinking, it often harms those around them too. 

An alcohol recovery program like the one offered by the Refocus REFOCUS Rehab Melbourne can be the perfect circuit breaker to turn it all around.

We can help you or your loved one recover from alcohol addiction.  We offer a private single room in our rehab close to the city here in Melbourne.

Our team understands that a successful alcohol rehab program must provide you with a safe, supportive and enjoyable environment.

We wish to assist you or your loved one in achieving goals towards a successful alcohol free life.

Our 28 day program includes group and behavioural therapy, stress and meditation training, all meals, group personal training and one on one counselling.

Many choose to stay longer than 28 days once they see the benefits of residential rehab.

Please be aware it is for this reason that we have limited availability.  If now is the time to seek help for you or a loved one, please don’t delay and get in touch with our friendly team.

We help at all three stages.

    • Phase 1: Detox. Stopping the addiction under clinical supervision. We organise a detox with appropriate allied hospitals or medical practitioners.
    • Phase 2: Primary Treatment. We provide a superior residential treatment rehab program.  
    • Phase 3: Maintenance. Ongoing support to help you or your loved one move forward in life.

“I Want To Recover From Alcohol Addiction"

Well done on making this decision. It’s the first step in not only getting your life back but achieving so much more.  No doubt you made this decision for yourself, your family and your loved ones. 

Our program will help you get back on your feet. You’ll also learn new life skills that will help enable a more fulfilling life.

Most of the people that come to our program had their first initial contact with me via a family member or concerned friend. Helping a loved one get the treatment they require can be a difficult and stressful task. We provide support in this challenging time.

  • We offer 28 day to 90 day residential rehab programs where we provide all the support and tools necessary to see real change in your or your loved one’s life. Fees for our 28 day program are from $18,700 with future weeks reducing in price. These fees include: 
      • Individual accommodation in a private room in Brighton, Melbourne 
      • Chef prepared Lunches and Dinners and snacks
      • Group Personal training sessions
      • Yoga Sessions
      • Daily group therapy
      • One on one counselling
      • Learning how to live
      • Introduction to 12 step fellowships
      • Consultation with our Medical Specialist
      • Plus more

Our Team and I have over 100 years of combined experience in helping people recover from alcohol addictions. We are highly trained in this field and our reputation is second to none. This means we have literally helped thousands of people. We are an organisation that actually cares about YOU.

Please call me directly to organise a no pressure, easy and relaxed chat about your or your loved one’s goals and how we can help. You are not alone! I am available 9am to 9pm Monday to Sunday to take your call on  (03) 9537 0880.

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