Rehab Treatment for Marijuana

We are seeing increasing numbers seeking rehabilitation for marijuana addiction at REFOCUS Melbourne.

Marijuana has become more socially acceptable across the western world. This has occurred in part due to its new legalisation in more US states.

Legalised access has also become possible in Victoria with 2016 legislation allowing doctors to prescribe the drug under certain medical conditions.

Simply because a drug becomes legalised does not mean that it is immune from being habit forming, and thus addictive.

Around 9% of people that try marijuana become addicted (source). Most try the drug for the first time in teenage years and pick the drug back up again at some point as they age.

There has been some debate as to whether someone can actually be addicted to marijuana. We know, from our clients and experience, that marijuana addiction is a real thing. You only have to read this linked peer reviewed study from the New England Journal of Medicine which states:

“Despite some contentious discussions regarding the addictiveness of marijuana, the evidence clearly indicates that long-term marijuana use can lead to addiction.” (source)

What prolongs someone from getting treatment is often the myth that they aren’t physically and or mentally addicted to marijuana. When we come to accept that marijuana addiction is a real condition, treatment like rehab, can finally be sought.

If you feel that you need some help to get off the drug, and rehab is something you’re considering, it’s advised to speak to your GP and get in touch with us here at REFOCUS for more information. You’re welcome to call (03) 9537 0880 for a tour of our Facility and more information.

Please continue reading if you would like to discover more about our program and residential rehab facility.

Marijuana is derived from the cannabis plant, and also known by other names such as pot, mary jane and weed.

It has been traditionally grown in people’s backyards as well as in larger illegal, manufacturing establishments for commercial purposes.

It is known to be recreationally smoked due to its calming and social effects. Scientists have established that the psychoactive effects of the drug are driven by the THC component. It is the THC thats play a role on specific brain receptors that alter behaviour, feelings and thoughts. 

People that come to us for marijuana rehab often report the following side effects:

    • – Paranoia
    • – decreased cognitive function including brain fog
    • – withdrawal symptoms
    • – memory loss
    • – procrastination
    • – weight gain
    • – decreased motivation
    • – hallucinations
    • – financial hardship
  • Those that seek rehab for marijuana usually have experienced withdrawal effects in the past making it harder to give up without assistance. Common symptoms include:

    • – depression
    • – anxiety
    • – sleeping issues
    • – irritability
    • – headaches
    • – paranoia

Withdrawal symptoms usually indicate an increased need for rehabilitation programs to deal with the disorder. Some doubt marijuana addiction but it’s very real to those that are affected.

What is a Marijuana Free Life Like?

Most describe coming out the other end of addiction as if a giant cloud has been lifted. Guilt disappears and a level of hope arises.

Some of the benefits of quitting marijuana:

  • – Relationships are restored with loved ones and friends
  • – Money is able to be saved more easily
  • – Weight and health improves dramatically (due to lower food consumption)
  • – Brain fog disappears and energy increases dramatically
  • – New employment and educational opportunities arise

Most people talk about an increased level of free time that they begin to experience once they’ve quit. Free time that enables opportunities to work, study or spent time with friends and family.

It is often the case that after they’ve quit, they begin to see they were depressed or suffered from anxiety before their addiction. The marijuana habit was an unconscious solution to that end.

Our Residential

Melbourne Marijuana Rehab


Our Melbourne rehabilitation program for marijuana use can be instrumental in helping people get off the drug and re-starting their life in a powerfully positive manner. Our customised 28 day treatment program serves to re-enable people’s abilities to live a life craving and drug free.

Our programs include stress management training, group therapy, behavioral therapy, CBT and meditation. The right rehab centre will make the transition much easier.

If you would like to talk to the team at REFOCUS, please give the Team a call. We are more than happy to have a relaxed chat about the issues that you or a loved one are currently facing.


Melbourne Rehab Facility

Many come in to simply check our rehab facility out. As you will see, our facility, unlike many rehab Facilities in Melbourne, is not a prison environment.

We have a maximum of 10 participants at any given time. This allows for a non-crowded, welcoming and serene private setting for recovery.

Each participant has their own private room, in a rehab close to the city in a positive environment. We do not lock our participants away unlike other facilities. 

All meals are provided. Gym access is also available. 

Most of clients opt for our 28 day program whilst others want and do stay longer. There does seem to be a relationship between length in rehab and a reduced probability of relapse which is why a longer stay is nearly always encouraged.

We have outpatient group programs available to help encourage relapse prevention and solidify our rehab program. Continual support is a essential to a drug free life. The program doesn’t end when you finish our rehab program. We’ll always be on hand to support your recovery.

Please call (03) 9537 0880 for a tour of our facility and more information. If you are reading this on behalf of a loved one, you are more than welcome to call. Feel free to also read our Google online reviews. They are all genuine and we are happy to provide a statutory declaration to state as such.


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