Enter And Begin Your New Life Today.

Refocus (Melbourne) opened our Gold Coast Rehabilitation Program in December 2016.

Our accommodation is opposite the beach and the rooms overlook the ocean; it’s the perfect place to reset your life.

Refocus—Gold Coast is a small, private rehab, set away from the pressures of your busy life, where you can regain your health, recharge your batteries and learn how to live a rich, satisfying and meaningful life, free from alcohol and drug use.  Take a deep breath, walk on the beach and participate in our therapy program;  we have everything you need.


By building a rehabilitation program by the beach, and offering effective treatment, an exercise regime, a healthy balanced diet, meditation and time-out, I think we’ve arrived at something new.  People don’t need to leave the country to recover in a tropical setting;  they can take a short flight and remain in contact with their family and friends, the people who love them. Barbara Kustra, Program Director.

Refocus—Gold Coast builds on the successes of Refocus (Melbourne), a program that’s been running for 14 years offering people a way to change their own, and their family’s, lives for the better.  We specialise is providing a comfortable and serene environment where people can recover in privacy and safety, away from their old stresses, triggers and temptations; we have found that clients feel more in control and at ease in a small private treatment setting.

Our program, limited to 5 participants (each having their own personal room), allows us to provide the focus and individual attention necessary to assist them to achieve their goals and develop a happy, successful and meaningful life.

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