What is Drug & Alcohol Rehab?

Our alcohol and drug rehab clients live in a supported, structured substance free environment allowing them to learn the skills and attributes necessary to integrate back into society as drug and alcohol free people.

Our residential program is a supervised accommodation service that provides opportunities for our clients to explore their patterns of operating, resulting in improved life enjoyment.

Clients receive daily in-house group therapy.  They also receive personalised counselling and evening groups in our counselling consulting suites.  Support groups such as 12-step fellowships in the community and after care groups at other services are also encouraged for ongoing permanent success.

What are your Program Costs?

Please head to Our Fees page of the website by clicking here.

What are the Programs?

Group Programs

Our specialist group sessions ensure privacy and peer identification for our clients. Participants form new social connections with like-minded, enthusiastic peers. Mutual support creates a positivity within the individual which replaces feelings of isolation, shame and guilt.

Participants learn new powerful life skills to rebuild their relationships, restore their self-image and regain self confidence at work utilizing a psycho-educational group process approach.

Groups are a one hour and half hour in duration and facilitated by experienced facilitators. Clients will attend nine groups per week. Clients attend all groups for more intensive support in the beginning of treatment and attend less sessions for ongoing maintenance support. Various themes are covered such as:

    • Relapse Prevention
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Addiction and brain chemistry
    • Individual Personality Profiles
    • Relationship dependency
    • Communication Strategies
    • Assertion skills development
    • Body Language

Personalised Counseling

Issues centered around addiction or personal problems can be difficult or embarrassing to talk about with others. Only the privacy of individual therapy with a professional therapist whose code of ethics insures absolute confidentiality can clients feel safe enough to talk about what to do next. Refocus therapists are renowned for their expertise in their field.

Family Sessions and Couple Counseling

Family and couples counseling will provide family members and partners with increased understanding when dealing with the various problems associated with the recovery process. Techniques and guidance are provided so difficult situations can be resolved with understanding rather than deteriorating into argument and anger. Learning new skills and new courses of action enhances understanding that leads to the rebuilding of loving relationships.

The Professionals Program

Refocus also offers a Professionals Program where careers maybe at stake. We assist with reports and screening and liaise with professional boards to ensure a speedy return to work. Our advocacy supports clients through the difficult process of dealing with professional regulatory bodies and other workplace issues if they arise.

Doctors  & Hypnotherapy

During treatment our clients will be referred to doctors who understand the needs and health issues being faced. We also offer our clients hypnotherapy sessions.  Our hypnotherapist conducts sessions for the resolution of stress, anxiety, perfectionism and relapse prevention. Clients can learn to let go of intrusive thoughts, observe their responses and learn to master their body and thoughts simultaneously.

Hypnotherapy also assists in obtaining deeper, more refreshing sleep and can assist the individual in achieving their own personal vision that is both promising and substance free.

Is this Program for Me?

This program is for:

  • people wanting to continue and enhance their recovery success
  • people who want to consolidate treatment
  • those who are engaged in after care or other day programs
  • people awaiting access to other long term recovery programs.

If you think you are suitable and would like to discuss the programs further, please give us a call.

What is Expected of Me?

You are expected to:

  • remain abstinent from alcohol and other drugs
  • attend at least 5 12 step meetings a week
  • commit to 12 step programs
  • adhere to the structure developed for you
  • attend community meetings
  • perform household chores

Please let us know if you will be unable to perform tasks.

What Do I Need to Bring?
      • Personal clothing etc
      • Personal items to make your stay comfortable
      • Magazines or books
      • Laptop,mobile phone, music
      • Toiletries
      • Other personal items to enhance your room such as photo’s etc.

Please enquire if you require special assistance.

What Will We Provide?
  • We provide all bedding, linen and towels
  • Your own room in modern comfortable house in inner city, close to public transport
  • Support & supervision
  • Personalized care plan
  • All meals
  • Real life environment with like minded peers
  • Urine testing
  • Building & strengthening living skills

Please enquire if you require special assistance.

How Long Can I Stay?

There is no set time a client needs to stay. You can stay weeks or months. Length of time is determined by clients’ needs. Individual treatment plans are constructed to allow the clients to rebuild their lives.

What is Life Like in Residential Recovery?

The residence is located in a safe neighborhood that is free of drug or alcohol temptations.  You will feel a new sense of hope and enthusiasm for life.  When you join the Professional Recovery Program positivity quickly replaces feelings of isolation, shame and guilt.  The atmosphere of enthusiasm and zest for living a drug-free life is infectious giving you a real sense of hope.  Excellent accommodation is just the start of this great program.  The Residential Program is a highly specialized program designed to give you the best possible chance of success.

What Research Supports Recovery Programs?

Research findings support the idea that residential programs maximize treatment success.  Current Australian Statistics on success rates for total abstinence 12 months after leaving detoxification are:

Detoxification alone success                                       5.1%

Detoxification with 3 to 6 months                                61.8%

residential & self help program success

Ian Smith 1989 International Journal of Addictions, 21 (1)
Benefits & Taking the Next Step
    • We have private rooms for participants of the program – there is no room sharing.
    • Participants are able to have daily leave after completing the initial phase
    • We are based in inner Melbourne in an environment that is vibrant and energetic.
    • You will be able to rapidly return to your family, friends and career with support to ensure your continued success.
    • Family members/significant others will be involved in your treatment to enable you to rebuild relationships.
    • Reintegration into the workplace. We arrange your support network and monitoring with employers and professional organizations.
    • Liaison with employers & other professional bodies to ensure you have help in overcoming any problems that have arisen as a result of addiction.
    • You will learn new and useful life skills in small, friendly and focused workshops.
    • You will feel a new sense of hope and enthusiasm for life.

If you have any queries at all, please get in touch.

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