If you need an Alcohol Detox and Rehab you have come to the right place.  You are not alone!

My name is Barbara and I run REFOCUS, an Alcohol Residential Rehab Program for people like you. If now is the time to save your life or that of a loved one, please call me direct on 0412 854 834 (7 days, 9am to 9pm).

The Alcohol Problem

Many of us learn that one of the quickest ways to relax is by having a beer or a glass of wine. The problem with this behavior is that it can for many, turn into a powerful addiction that propels us to drink more and more and every day. This is not only an addiction that can destroy our life but also those of our loved ones around us. A program like Refocus is the circuit breaker than we need to turn the corner.

What We Do:

We help you recover from your alcohol problem (or friend’s or family member’s).  We offer a private single room rehab in Toorak, Victoria.

Our staff understand a successful alcohol rehab program must provide you with a safe, supportive and enjoyable environment.  We feel that our program, limited to 12 participants (with each having their own personal room), allows us to provide the focus and individual attention necessary to assist you in achieving your goals towards a successful alcohol free life. Please be aware it is for this reason that we have limited availability.  If now is the time to seek help for you or a loved one, please get in touch now.

What are the Treatment Stages?

We help at all three stages.

Detox (Under Clinical Supervision)
A Residential Care Program (28 days+)
Ongoing support (Past Program Lifetime Support)

“I Need Treatment!”

Well done on getting to this decision. It’s the first step in getting your life back and more. You’ve made this decision no doubt for you, your family and your loved ones. Our program not only helps you get back to where you want to be but you’ll also learn new life skills that will enhance your former life – being better than who you were before!

“My Loved One Needs Treatment!”

Most of the people that come to our programs had their first initial contact with me via a family member or concerned friend.

The Programs & Fees

We offer 28 day to 90 day residential rehab programs where we provide all the support necessary. Fees for our 28 day program are $9600.

“But Who Are You?”

My name is Barbara and my team and I have over 100 years combined experience in helping people recover from alcohol addictions. This means we have literally helped thousands of people. We are an organisation that actually cares about YOU.You are not another number.

“What Do I Do Next?”

Please call me direct to organise a no pressure, easy and relaxed chat about your goals and how we can help. You are not alone! I am available 9am to 9pm Mon-Sun to take your call on 0412 854 834.